Your website needs traffic. Our internet marketing solutions delivers. Promote your website with AJIBOYE using a mix of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing.
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Internet marketing solutions

Deliver traffic to your website


internet marketing works

If you know what you are doing

We do. Know what we are doing, that is. Acquiring traffic is the easy part, converting it to actions you want, now that's the hard part. We work with you to design an internet marketing plan, using a mix of channels, to acquire and convert web traffic into actions that matter most to you.

search engine optimization

Cost-free marketing that keeps on giving

At least in the long-run. In the short run, you need a budget and a content strategy that is on point with your core products and services. Don't waste time and resources optimizing for the wrong traffic. Work with us to develop strong content, built around a strong information architecture. The right traffic will come!

pay-per-click marketing

Set a budget, target your audience

A marketing solution designed to connect you with ready to buy customers. It's a no-brainer, and it just may not be right for you. We make sure your PPC strategy is not out of sync with reality. 

social media marketing

Start a conversation today

Social networks provide a way to have a one-on-one relationship with customers. Build brand evangelists today by starting conversations using social media. We develop and manage social media communications and marketing strategies for your Brand.

email marketing

Drive your traffic with constant communications

Build a mailing list of people who care about what you do. Keep in touch with them regularly. Product announcements, news and promotions, all critical and newsworthy content your audience will appreciate having.




let us help you market online

Start with a plan designed to work for you

We know how to build, launch, manage and market Brands successfully. We bring over 10 years of experience to bear! Go ahead, put our expertise to work for your brand. We start by designing an online marketing plan within your budget, that will work for you. If you like our plan, we will work with you on execution.

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Your Internet
marketing plan


Frequently asked questions on our Internet marketing service

How do your internet marketing service work?
Our internet marketing service is designed to deliver the real results you seek.
Here is how it works...
  • You purchase the service and setup your project account with us
  • We produce a detail marketing plan
  • We complete marketing plan review
  • You execute portions, or all of the marketing plan
  • Monthly reviews
You purchase the service and setup your project account with us
Go to the internet marketing service to purchase the service and setup your project account.
We produce a detail marketing plan for you
Over 2-3 days, we research and develop a competitive internet marketing plan for your website. 
The marketing plan includes detail analytic of your website, and your competitors, covering 
  1. current state in terms of
    - traffic sources
    - keywords
    - market size
    - rankings
  2. marketing channels
  3. milestones/targets
  4. strategies
  5. execution schedule/costs
We complete marketing plan review
We have a sit down with the you and go over the marketing plan, and analysis. We explain with real numbers:
  • why your online marketing is not performing
  • why your competitors are 
  • what must be done to fix the problems
  • strategies to do so
  • what can be done within your budget 
You execute portions, or all of the marketing plan
With a clear handle of all the critical strategy information, you can now choose which of our recommended strategies to execute based on available your available budget.
Monthly reviews
We have monthly review of strategy executions, and performance analysis relative to set goals. If changes in strategy, increase or decrease allocation of budget to specific strategies, these sessions provides opportunities for the us to assure that we are not getting lost in details, but keep an eye on the prize.