Professional brand media kit design for businesses. The only tool your designers and ad agencies need to ensure perfect execution of new business media compositions, all the time. Logo design, brand design, brand management, one solution.


Brand media kit design

Perfect execution every time

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In a box with a pretty bow to top

Don't start marketing without one, your Brand media kit lays the foundation for successful Brand marketing. It is the complete technical documentation of your Brand, delivering perfect Brand execution every time, in every media production, from business cards, brochures to billboards.

in the box

Tools for creating Brand perfect media

  • High resolution ( hi-res ) graphic design documents
  • Font/Typeface definition files
  • Color integration files
  • Brand style guide

hi-res graphic design documents

For pixel perfect reproductions

From logos to corporate trademarks, your Brand graphics will be reproduced in small and large prints. Crystal sharp reproductions need the high resolution ( hi-res ) graphic design documents. Your Brand media kit includes the original hi-res design documents to produce pixel perfect reproductions of your Brand graphics.

font files

Assure use of approved typography

Avoid sloppy presentations and unintended consequences, make sure your Brand messages are always imprinted in your approved Brand typefaces. Your Brand media kit includes the font definition files for your corporate brand typefaces so designers and ad agencies can deliver Brand perfect creative compositions.

color integration documents

For accurate print color reproductions

Your Brand media kit includes color integration files critical to reproducing your exact Brand color. 

corporate style guide

Make sure everyone knows your rules

Your Brand media kit includes your corporate style guide to make sure your Brand is always integrated in new media compositions correctly.

win. win.

Lower costs, perfect productions

With your Brand media kit, you, your creative design and ad agencies save time, focus more on message, and get new media productions done fast, saving you money with every project. 

brand design included

Logo design & message design 

We provide professional Brand design advisory in crafting your Brand logo symbols, colors and typefaces. We provide custom logo design to complete your brand media kit.

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We know how to build, launch, manage and market Brands successfully. We bring over 10 years of experience to bear! Go ahead, put our expertise to work for your brand. Pick a solution that fits your budget.

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