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Corporate style guide design

Your Brand "dressed" right


It pays to have Style

Or things fall apart

Developing a great Brand takes time. The right name, logo and message. Styling creates the megaphone platform for your Brand to speak loud and clear. Think of it as designer clothing for your Brand because nobody takes seriously a Brand with sloppy presentation. Every Brand needs style for effective communications and marketing. With the right style, speak and the market will listen.

consistency matters

Set the guidelines for use of your Brand

When designers and marketing agencies use and incorporate your Brand in media compositions, how do they know what is acceptable to you? Is it OK to change the shapes, colors or fonts in your Brand? Or is it a taboo? These important questions need clear answers. Your style guide provide answers, assuring your Brand is always shown in the light you envisioned.
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brand architecture

Placements preserve relationships 

Every symbol, graphic or text in your brand was designed to complement each other in painting the visual of your Brand. Move one a fraction of an inch too far or near, and the balance is lost. Your corporate Brand style guide helps preserve the original authenticity of your Brand.

Brand typography

The many emotions of Type

When your Brand has the megaphone, what emotions do you want to evoke? Is it conservative or liberal? Bold, sexy? Serious or playful? Whatever it is, there is a typeface geared for the job. All fonts are not equal. Avoid unintended consequences, set clear guides for use of approved typography in framing your Brand messages.

Brand colors

The many shades of Red, which is yours?

Your corporate colors are chosen with care for the texture, luminosity, hue and dynamics. Reproducing color accurately in every media is not optional, it's critical. Your corporate style guide provides the technical identification of the exact pitch and shade of your corporate colors. 

Brand media kit

Rules, templates and brand creatives

For the ultimate in proactive brand management, your brand media kit goes all the way. It's the complete technical documentation of your Brand, giving you the freedom to work freely with creative design, ad and marketing agencies. 

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