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Agency Service (AS) Support

How it works?
Sign up for a WAS support package that is within your budget. Our lowest term is 10 hr package for 6 months. Our first priority is to create a plan for your project and current objectives. Once you approve the plan, we will be responsible for the scheduling and execution of the plan, while you are able to focus on other areas of your business operation. We schedule reviews. progress updates as necessary.
How is it different from other support options?
Website Agency Service (WAS) versus Website Operations Management Service (WOMS)?
Under the WOMS program, you are responsible for setting the agenda for goals and tasks every month; at the start of every month, you would create all the tasks you need completed in JobTrack, we provide estimates of support time required for your planning and you must approve tasks promptly to utilize your reserved support block for the month.
Under the WAS program, we are responsible for setting the agenda for goals and tasks every month; we do this under the scope of the development plan we have prepared for the project and you have authorized. This is more efficient to get results, allowing us to execute for your project while you are free to focus on other aspects of your business and operations.
How am I billed for the service?
You are billed for the service automatically every month on the same day you enrolled in the service.
How do the support plans work?
If you sign up for a 10 hour support limit plan for 3 month term, every month for the duration of your term, 10 hours is added automatically to your project's WAS support hours balance. These hours are available for tasks that we complete for the project under program.
What happens if I use more time than I have in my plan?
With WAS, we have more flexibility in avoiding completing tasks that will put you over your budget since we are ultimately responsible for prioritization, scheduling and execution.
However, when overages happen, you will be billed for the excess hours at our priority support rate.
What happens if I don't use all my available time?
Unlike priority support hours, UNUSED WAS hours EXPIRES. 

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