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Domain Name Registration

When it comes to choosing a domain name provider, price is the overriding consideration. However, do make sure you have full domain name DNS hosting & management included, or you may just have to pay more to get these services!
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Cheap domain name registrations with full DNS hosting management.
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A website domain name is the address of a website on the Internet. This is why it is also called an Internet Address.
For example, the domain name is the Internet address of the Wikipedia Foundation website.
Every domain name is unique, so no two website can use the same domain name. Once you buy a domain name, no other company can buy or use that domain name until you either lose it, or sell it.
Without a domain name, your website will not have an address on the Internet. Without an address, people will not know where to go on the Internet to reach your website.
You can buy your domain name as soon as you find a name that you want and it is available. Good domain names go quickly, so the earlier you buy it, the better.
Due to the low cost of domain names, there is virtually no risk of significant financial loss with a domain name purchase. The Law protects your ownership and property rights to the domain name that you buy, irrespective of whom you buy from.
However, make sure that your name, email, mailing address and phone number is the one listed on the domain name registration.
Make sure DNS hosting is included
Don't be fooled by the low prices alone. If DNS hosting service is not included with the domain name registration, you are not getting a bargain!. You cannot use your domain name without a DNS hosting service. If you fall for this marketing trick, your vendor is hoping to make you buy this service at an additional, and often more expensive cost than the domain name.
Make sure you have direct online access to change your DNS information
If your registrar do not provide you with an online tool that you can use to access and change your DNS information when you need to, be sure that you will have a very bad, frustrating and possibly costly experience building your website.
Know your annual domain name renewal rate
Domain names need to be renewed every year. If you don't renew your domain name, you will lose it. Your renewal rate should not be too much more than your original purchase price.
Do not unwittingly assign your domain name ownership rights to your registrar or vendor
Make sure to check your domain name purchase agreement, for any limitations placed on your ownership of the domain name by the registrar.
Make sure that your name, email, mailing address and phone number is the one listed on the domain name registration.
If you are not explicitly listed on the domain name registration as the Registrant, then you may have unintentionally assigned ownership rights of your domain name to a third party.
You can pretty much purchase your domain name from any reputable domain name provider offering you the best priceDNS hosting services, and online management tools.
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