Get a personal project manager and reliable technical support and project management when you need it. For IT support services, tech support, webmaster services and more!


Project Management

When you need help with your website, who do you turn to?
A personal project manager can help you get things done, and resolve problems quickly.
Even more important, he/she can help you avoid making costing mistakes by providing the information and advice you need, when you need it most.
No matter what the general media make it out to be, running a serious growing website is hard work. There is a lot to do, from project planning & research, web design, web content development, web applications development, to quick resolutions of the occasional problem, you need a reliable technical partner to work with you in reaching your goals. 
We understand this all too well. That's why we designed an efficient, reliable website technical support solution  that simply works!
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Your website technical support team "impacting" your bottom line?

Are you fed up? Tired of waiting? Tired of excuses? There is a solution! Get the support you need when you need it!

How we can help

  • A single dedicated project manager.

    Designed to make your life easier, an experienced project manager is assigned to your project. Anything you need, you run by your project manager. We will take time to carefully explain the options, pros and cons, so you have all the information you need before making a decision. Then once your decision is made, our job is to get things done. Simple.
  • Real-time support when you need it!

    No more waiting. The most effective help is delivered when you need it. We leverage cutting edge technology to provide you with the real-time support that you need, when you need it.
  • Affordable, pay for what you use only.

    We offer a simple and clear fixed hourly rate. You pay only for the support time you need and use. Absolutely no contracts. No fixed monthly "account maintenance" fees.
  • Support for you and your entire firm.

    We have quality control checks that allow us to efficiently provide support to authorized persons of your workforce. You are in control at all times.
  • Detail reporting and cost controls.

    Our tech support job tracking and reporting tools provide you with complete control over your IT support budget and process. Our cost control tools provides you confidence that there will be no surprise billing, keeping your project under budget!
  • Capacity to handle various jobs. 

    - project feasibility research
    - project management
    - project third-party integration services
    - webmaster services
    - graphic design & web design services
    - web application development services
    - system administration services
    - problem troubleshooting and resolution
Almost 5 years since AJIBOYE has been hosting my website.  Great experience.  I have had no complaints. They are very friendly and courteous.  They always go the extra mile to help me out when I get stuck.
- Carlyle Wright
Owner, Monogram Cottage
Fri, Jun 26 2009

The value of the timely advice

The real value of a project manager is to provide you with the information you need to know before you make crucial costly decisions. Each project has unique requirements. Your project manager work hard to understand your unique needs, and align these with the most cost-effective solutions for you.

Accessible help

Phone, email or even fax, we make sure that you can reach out the way that works for you. We are accessible, and our real-time support and project collaboration process assures that we can work with you to resolve issues immediately and get back to work.

Single point of contact

As a small business manager, we understand busy is your middle name. Your project manager provides a single point of contact for all your technical support needs. Call him/her to get a second opinion on your thoughts or coordinate implementation of a required task. Either way, you can stop wasting time and get back to work.
Technical project management and advice from an experienced project manager. 

Providing the support when you need, when you need it.

Cutting edge virtual conferencing systems allow us to provide you with real-time support when you need it. It does not matter where you are located, all you need is a computer and a fast (broadband) Internet connection. 
Here is how it works.
Affordable, technical support - just a call and a click away!
Once you initiate a support session, you are able to share your workstation PC screen with us and vice versa. This allows us to:
  • Save time by identifying the issues quickly.

    No need to describe the problem verbally on the phone or write lengthy email.
  • Provide training quickly, easily and frequently.

    See what you are working on, where you are stuck and provide solutions.

Affordable, pay for what you need webmaster services

Solutions for all your website needs - graphic design, web design, marketing & print design, flash programs, website applications integration and development, we do it all!

Website project planning services

  • Project feasibility research

    The best assurance of a successful project implementation is research. Your project manager can help you avoid costly mistakes by completing a detail feasibility study.
  • Project phase planning

    Proper planning assures project deliverables are ready when you need them. Your project manager can help you structure the project development phases to align with your business requirements.
  • Project team organization

    Every project requires a mix of creative human resource to deliver on set milestones. From web designers, graphic designers to web developers, your project manager can organize your team and manage the development process for you.
  • IT infrastructure setup and management

    From server procurement, setup to operational administration, your project manager can handle all your back-office IT administration needs, so you can remain focused on the big picture

Web design services

  • Brand development services

    Your brand presentation is key to a successful project. It's development requires a creative mix of web designers and graphic designers. From logo design, website templates designs, to print media design, your project manager can assure that your objectives are met.
  • Marketing media design services

    Our creative graphic designers and web designers deliver your creative media on time and to specifications.
  • Web animations (flash movies)

    From simple flash website intro presentations to complex business presentations, our creative graphic designers, web designers, and animation designers can help you create the right story-board for your movies.

Website development  services

  • Website applications development

    Our team of web developers can complete your website application extensions on time and on budget. Your project coordinator will manage the entire process for you.
  • Database design services

    Your database design impacts applications performance. Our web developers can help you design the right data schema for your information, assuring the highest performance provided by the host database system.
  • Website third-party systems integration services

    From SOAP/XML, our web developers can complete your integration project to specs. Your project coordinator will manage the entire process for you.

Website IT infrastructure services

  • Hardware procurement, setup and administration

    Whether you run your own data center, or co-locate, purchasing the right server hardware configuration has costly implications. Your project manager can provide specs for the right combination of hardware to meet your current and future needs. We can easily manage the setup and ongoing server administration for you.
After 4 plus years of service with AJIBOYE, I definitely endorse their services to small and emerging businesses.
When I was starting out, AJIBOYE's flexible payment plan enabled me to get my website up and running without all of the upfront development costs.
Additionally, the back office support tools like sending e-mail blasts to my clients has been a valuable feature without the additional cost.
I am extremely please with the level of professionalism, technical expertise and customer service at AJIBOYE.  I definitely recommend them for other business owners.
- Andrew Bryan Burnett
Principal, MFB Communications, Inc
Tue, Jun 23 2009
How much do you charge for support?
We have various support options designed to save you up to 20-60%!
If you do not take advantage of any of our available support plans, your tasks will be completed and billed at our priority support plan rate of $ 50/hr.
In all cases, we log time against tasks in 15 minute increments.
For more details, please review our terms of service and available support options.
Why do I need to create an account to receive support?
Creating an account with us sets up a project for you in our project management system. The project profile is required to log our support activity and details so you can be serviced more efficiently.
Once I sign up, how do I request support?
Go to your project management dashboard or JobTrack and create a task. Watch these videos to learn everything you need to know about your AJIBOYE account, our Agency Support and using JobTrack.
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Quick Start Guide
How long does it take to complete a support request?
Each support request is different, so the process for completing each may be varies, depending heavily on your current setup, access to required information and your own readiness.
Your project manager will fully advise you on an estimated amount of time it would take to complete your request before the work is completed.
Our cost control tools are further designed to allow you to customize our process to your needs. You may for example require an approval on all tasks before completion.
When do I pay for the support provided?
Postpay Priority Support
This is our standard support. PRIORITY means your requests are completed IMMEDIATELY. POSTPAY means your work is completed and then you are billed. It is billed at $ 50/hr, logged in increments of 15 minutes. Postpay support is weekly. You only receive an invoice if you have requested support that is completed during the immediate billing cycle.
Prepaid Priority Support Buy priority support hours you need ahead, and you can save up to 20% off our standard rate. Billing works exactly the same as our postpay priority support, except this time, the hours that you have purchase against your project is used to pay for the support time that you consumed during the immediate billing cycle. Prepaid priority support hours do not expire. If you do not use them, they are always there when you need it.
Operations Management Service ( WOMS ) Support Buy non-priority support hours you need ahead, and you save 60% off our standard rate. You are billed monthly for the duration that your project is enrolled in the program. You are billed on the same day of the month in which you enrolled. Unlike Prepaid priority support hours, WOMS support hours expires if not used. You are responsible for creating and approving tasks to assure prompt and complete use of your reserved support block.
Website Agency Service ( WAS ) Support Our complete concierge service designed to save you time, while assuring that you achieve your goals. When you do not have room to experiment with your IT budget, our agency solution will get you results and save you money. You are billed monthly for the duration your project is enrolled in the program. You are billed on the same day of the month in which you enrolled. Like the WOMS support, AS support hours expires if not used. We are responsible for creating and executing tasks.