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Brand Design

Define your brand and your brand will define you!
Our professional brand design service can help you create your brand technical documentation and management policies. We provide
  • Brand consultancy

  • Logo design

  • Business card design

  • Business stationary design

  • Business letterhead design

  • Website design

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So what is brand design?

Brand design is a form of graphic design or media design. As such, like all other graphic / media design, the goal of brand design is the effective visual presentation of your brand and your messages.
Graphic / media design of brand identity for any entity, individual, business or non-profit, is called brand design.

Why is brand design important?

Online or off, your brand is your most powerful asset, and the very foundation of anything you want and need to do to be successful. Great brands are built on consistency and accurate presentation. You cannot begin to communicate effectively or successfully without a proper and effective brand strategy. 
Brand design helps you to meet the challenges of building a great brand by:
  • Defining the visual representation of your brand
  • Defining the natural & subliminal messages imbued in your brand
  • Implementing your brand documentation (or brand creatives media kit)
  • Assuring consistent reproduction of your brand in any future media deployment
  • Allows for faster and accurate completion of future media design projects and media-buy integrations. The benefits of this is huge, including significant time to market for new creative design initiatives, and lower, more affordable, cost-effective purchases of future media design services as needed.
  • Provides the flexibility to work with a wider range of creative design professionals to help bring your creative design ideas to life.

What makes up a brand?

There are five basic components to a brand:
  • The Name
  • The Symbol(s)
  • The Message(s)
  • The Colors
  • The Fonts

What makes up a Brand Creatives Media Kit?

A Brand Creatives Media Kit is a collection of graphic design documents, created to industry standard graphic design formats, providing the technical documentation of your brand to assure consistent and accurate reproduction of the brand, on any future target media platform. For example corporate documentations, business cards, marketing and advertisement media designs and so on.
A Brand Creatives Media Kit is also commonly called a Brand Kit, Media Kit, or Brand Media Kit.
A complete Brand Media Kit will include:
  • Corporate colors datasheet documentation
  • Corporate colors media integration files
  • Corporate fonts documentation
  • Corporate fonts files library
  • Corporate symbols implementations
  • Corporate message(s) documentation
  • Logo design implementation
Brand media kit design documents should be created in the vector graphic document format to allow for an unrestricted integration on future media productions.
At the end of a brand design process, all documents brand design documents will be delivered to you on a CD or in compressed archive file ( or zipped file). You should save this in a safe, secure and easily accessible location. At the start of new creative media design projects, simply provide your creative design service provider with a copy of your brand kit to assure consistent and accurate reproduction of your brand.

How do you use a Brand Creatives Media Kit?

The brand media kit is the foundation on which all other media designs are built. Whether you are designing a simple business card, or a complex TV informercial, your brand media kit assures that your brand presentation remains consistent and is not lost in hectic process of media content production.
At the start of every new media design project, you simply provide your creative design service provider with your brand media kit. The kit already defined and has accurate documentation of your corporate brand, and media integration requirements, so you benefit by spending less time on these often very delicate issues at every media design project. You are then able to move on rapidly to focus on the content and presentation requirements for the new creative design. For example, if you are looking to create an outdoor billboard design for a marketing campaign, you will simply provide your media design kit with your advertising messages to your creative design service provider, who at this point will focus on delivering your current marketing campaign messages and promotions in the new design, but having all the information to effectively and accurately, integrate your corporate brand in the design concepts.
A clear understanding of industry standard graphic media document formats is key to a successful purchase of media design services, protecting your investment in the creation of your design documents, and assuring long-term return on investment (ROI) in the strategic use of  those design assets.
At the end of every design project, the graphic design professional you work with should deliver your creative design documents to you in the right industry standard format. More often than not, many novice design service buyers do not know about these standards, and too many "design service providers" do not educate buyers on their significance and use in assuring ROI. Ultimately, in today's design services marketplace, it is the unfair responsibility of the design buyer to make sure that he/she gets the real value of the design service by demanding these standards from his/her design service provider.

All graphic documents are not created equal

A graphic document is not automatically a graphic design document
Many common graphic (or picture) documents are routinely assumed by novice design buyers as graphic design documents. These include documents ending with these common picture file extensions:
While these are picture files, and hence by nature graphic documents, they are not graphic design documents. During the design process, your design service provider may provide these files as "mockups", so you can view the evolution of your design.
The following are examples of graphic design documents:
At the end of the design process, you should make sure that your graphic design documents are delivered to you. The design documents are used to create or modify the content of the design depending on how and where you want to use it in the future. These documents are usually large files, delivered in compressed archives (or zipped files) and should be carefully save on disk or CD for future design media integration needs. This is how your protect your investment in a creative design.
Many graphic design providers will point out that you cannot use these graphic design documents since you need graphic design software to view, or modify the content of the documents. This is a common reason for not delivering the documents in the first place. Most professional graphic design software is expensive and most people do not need it. You do not need to open or modify your graphic design documents, you just need to have them, since you paid to create them.

Graphic Design Document Formats

Graphic design documents are created using professional graphic design software. The ultimate creative design software package, used by design professionals to produce not only graphics content, but also audio, video & flash animations, and other print media, is the Adobe Creative Design Suite
No matter what software is used to create your graphic design document, there are 2 standard graphic document formats that can be used.
  • Vector graphic document format
  • Raster graphic document format
Vector graphic document format
Vector graphic document format is a graphics document where the content of the design (i.e. shapes, colors, lines, etc) is created using mathematical equations
Why is this important? Because by using mathematical equations, it means that you can make the content of the design as big or as small in size (or dimension, i.e. width x height) as you need, without losing any detail in quality (i.e. resolution). This means if you want to use the design on as small a media as a business card, or as large a media as a outdoor billboard, the quality of your design remains intact, i.e. you won't have to build your design all over again, just for that media.
Bottom line is: all brand identity design assets, including logos and corporate symbols should be completed in vector graphic document formats
Raster graphic document format ( or Bitmap graphics)
Raster graphic document format is a graphics document where the content of the design is created using individual points (or pixels) of color. Raster graphics are also called bipmap graphics.
Raster graphics are the opposite of vector graphics because when you magnify raster graphics, you lose resolution, meaning the picture quality degrades. However, there are benefits to raster graphics, primarily, creation of more color range and shades that is richer than possible in vector graphics. This is ideal for photographic images, and high-end print publications like glossy magazine inserts, brochures, and so on.
Bottom line is: raster graphics are resolution dependent, and will not scale well if your resolution needs to change. Use raster graphics to produce media design document templates for specific media with clearly defined resolution requirements. For example, creating a print brochure design document to 300 dots per inch (or dpi) or a website design document template to 75 dpi. Since the target media requirements will not change, that design document will always work for just the target media to produce consistent high resolution and detail.

What does it mean to buy brand design?

When you buy brand design, you are buying a service.
As a service, it means you are paying someone, hopefully a professional graphic designer, to spend the time needed to work with you to complete your brand design in the right graphic document formats.
The most important things to pay attention to when you buy brand design service are
  • the hourly rate you pay to the design professional you choose to work with. 
  • making sure your design documents (or design templates)  are completed and delivered to youin the right high resolution standard graphic document formatsLearn more about graphic document formats >
Flat-fee design services are the worst ways to buy creative design. With flat fee design services, you are basically assured that the design service provider will not spend enough time to understand and counsel you on long-term design strategy and implications. This works fine of course for these service providers since many novice design buyers seem to always think the solution to one in-effective design is another quick redesign!

Design Time & Total Cost

Apart from the obvious hourly rate paid for design service, the single reason for an expensive design is waste of time. Both the design service provider and the design service buyer can waste time during design process.
Good design is not necessarily expensive and should not necessarily take a long time. The easiest way to buy an expensive design is to waste time. The value of a design is not measured by how much is paid for it.
You can minimize the time spent on every design purchase by understanding the creative assets design building process, and making sure you have everything you need ready to deliver to your chosen design provider, in order to complete your creative design project.

Creative Assets Design Building Process

Using this process, every design document you buy makes it easier for you to complete your next design project and design documents. Easier means Faster. Faster means less time. Less time means less money. 
  1. Build your brand media kit first.
    By completing your brand design first, you will have addressed a lot of issues that normally result in rampant time wasting during a subsequent media document design processes.
  2. Build your specific media document templates as needed.
    Every design service results in the production of one or more design documents. These are called media design templates. These include business card design templates, brochure design templates, letterhead design templates, and so on. However creating all templates cost-effectively requires that you have at least already completed your brand media kit.

Buying cost-effective brand design service

  1. Work with a professional branding specialist. Find a graphic design professional, with brand identity development experience, and negotiate a hourly rate that is within your budget. Have some sense how much time the design is expected to take to complete. You should know how much additional hours cost to complete your design, and what happens if you use less time than you paid for.
  2. Define your corporate colors. Consult with your creative design service provider to develop a corporate color chart. A corporate color chart specifies the corporate color spectrum that your future media productions will use. This assures consistency in color choices down the road. Picking corporate colors carefully is important. Colors have natural meanings in different markets. Your brand must align these factors to your brand agenda to be successful.
  3. Define your corporate fonts. Consult with your creative design service provider to identity and purchase if necessary the corporate fonts you need. Building your own fonts library assures that your corporate text copy is reproduced to the right fonts specifications.
  4. Define your corporate messages. Consult with your creative design service provider on your name, trademarks or unique selling statements. Again each common word you use may have different natural market uses. Your brand must align these factors to your brand agenda to be successful.
  5. Define your corporate symbols. Consult with your creative design service provider on your symbols ( i.e. shapes ). Again each shape or symbol you use may have different natural market use. Your brand must align these factors to your brand agenda to be successful.
  6. Understand how to use your brand media kit. Consult with your creative design service provider to understand how to effectively leverage your brand media kit in future media design projects you need. This is the only way to assure consistent return on investment (ROI) for your brand design investment.
  7. Take delivery of your media Kit. Take delivery of your brand design documents (or templates) in the the right industry standard graphics format. All brand identity documents should be produced in vector graphics document format such as Adobe Illustrator .AI.
Our brand design service is designed to bring your brand vision to reality in the least amount of time
Design to industry standards.
We do not try to avoid the creative process, rather, we focus on optimizing the time it takes to create effective visual designs and deliver design documents to industry standards designed to protect your investment in creative design. Learn more about graphic document formats > 
Pay only for what you need!
We don't assume that your design needs are the same as everybody else. We merely offer the technical expertise to bring your brand to life.
We offer a branding solution to meet every budget, without compromising real value of brand media deliverables. You can buy just the your brand media kit, or a even more comprehensive package of your brand media kit and any of the following additional media design documents:
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Website design
Affordable creative design rates.
At $ 50/hr, our creative design rates are very competitive and affordable. We believe in transparent pricing, so you can avoid unpleasant surprise billing. 
Our brand design advisory fee is a flat $ 500 per brand media kit. This one-time non-refundable fee is included in all of our brand media kit design packages and is required for all brand media design projects.
If you do not need brand design advisory services, our Logo design service will help you implement just your logo design document without the brand design advisory services required for a full brand media kit design service.
Fair billing practices.
If you need more time to complete your creative design, simply pay for the additional time at the same low rate.
If you spend less time than you already paid for, use the remaining time for other services, or request a refund for the balance of the remaining time. Using our Project Management Console, you are always in control of your project and budget.
Our design process.
  • You start by providing you with your own personal project manager to work with you and guide you through the brand design process.
  • We collect your design requirements and specifications.
  • We provide a comprehensive brand advisory on brand identity, target markets, competitive analysis, & brand development strategies.
  • We implement your brand creatives media kit; all creative design documents are created to the right industry standard document formats, to assure easy and consistent brand identity and effective message integration in future creative design projects, and maximize your ROI in brand design.
  • We deliver all your design documents to you.
What is delivered to you.
At the end of the brand design process, all design documents are delivered in your choice of a single compressed archive file (or zipped file) or a CD (mailed to you).
This package includes the following design documents:
  • Corporate colors documentation (spot color definitions to assure accurate color reproductions)
  • Corporate fonts documentation ( ** use of commercial fonts will require purchase of individual font licenses from independent commercial fonts vendors **)
  • Corporate fonts library (contains all your corporate fonts)
  • Corporate symbols library (implemented in a vector graphics document format such as Adobe Illustrator .AI)
  • Logo design document (implemented in a vector graphics document format such as Adobe Illustrator .AI)
  • Business card design template ( ** OPTIONAL ** )
  • Letterhead design template ( ** OPTIONAL ** )
  • Website design template ( ** OPTIONAL ** )
What is needed to buy this service?
There are no special requirements to purchasing this service.

Affordable creative design options for everyone!

At $ 50/hr, our creative design rates are very competitive and affordable. We believe in transparent pricing, so you can avoid unpleasant surprise billing. 
Our brand design advisory fee is a flat $ 500 per brand media kit. This one-time non-refundable fee is included in all of our brand media kit design packages and is required for all brand media design projects.
If you do not need brand design advisory services, our media design service will help you implement just your logo design document without the brand design advisory services required for a full brand media kit design service.

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