Professional media design services for compelling communications. We provide interactive animation designs including flash animations, 2D animations, 3D animations, character animations.


Animation Design

Bring your creative ideas to life with high impact web animation designs and video productions!
  • Flash animations

  • 2D animations

  • 3D animations

  • Character animations

  • CD media design

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So what is animation design?

Animation design is all about creating interactive media / content either on the web as flash animations or flash movie formats, or for CD distribution.
The goal of animation design is the entertaining visual presentation of your information, communications and messages, resulting in a more effective and efficient delivery of messages compared to print or graphic visual design options.

Today's animation formats 

The animation options and applications available today are varied, including
  • Flash animations generally the standard web animation format, now used not only for web animations, but also CD multimedia content distributions.
  • 2D animations typically the default format most animation projects. The content is produced in a 2D format or dimension.
  • 3D animations for more cutting edge and immersive experience, producing animations in a 3D or 3 dimensional space can result in more engaging animations. This is especially attractive in character animation projects.
  • Character animation is the creative design of an animated character or personality, such as the popular Geico Geecko character. Modern character animations are implemented in a 3D space, to allow for easy integration in a wide variety of applications and environments.
Each animation format has unique requirements for effective visual presentation and communication messages. Hence each needs a unique and different approach to creative design. 

What does it mean to buy animation design?

When you buy animation design, you are buying a service.
As a service, it means you are paying someone, hopefully an experienced animation designer or animator, to spend the time needed to work with you to complete your animation design in industry standard animation document formats.
The most important things to pay attention to when you buy animation design service are
  • working with a professional animations designer.
  • the hourly rate you pay to the design professional you choose to work with. 
  • take delivery of your animation design documents upon completion.
Flat-fee animation design services are the worst ways to buy creative design. With flat fee design services, you are basically assured that the design service provider will not spend enough time to understand and counsel you on long-term design strategy and implications. 

Animation Design Time & Total Cost

Apart from the obvious hourly rate paid for animation design service, the single reason for an expensive design is waste of time. Both the design service provider and the design service buyer can waste time during design process.
Good design is not necessarily expensive and should not necessarily take a long time. The easiest way to buy an expensive design is to waste time. The value of a design is not measured by how much is paid for it.

Creative Assets Design Building Process

Using this process, every design document you buy makes it easier for you to complete your next design project and design documents. Easier means Faster. Faster means less time. Less time means less money. 
  1. Build your brand media kit first.
    If your animations require integration of your brand, you should already have a brand media kit completed before starting your animation design project. By completing your brand design first, you will have addressed a lot of issues that normally result in rampant time wasting during a subsequent media document design processes, including animation design.
  2. Develop a storyboard.
    Every animation must be build around a clearly defined message. The animation storyboard assures complete communication of defined message(s) in the animation. 
  3. Build to industry standards
    Protect your investment in an animation by developing your creative design assets and media in industry standard document formats. This allows for quick, time/cost efficient revisions, and reuse / integration of developed media in future design compositions.

Buying cost-effective animation design service

  1. Work with a professional animation design specialist. Find an experienced animations design professional to guide you through the subtleties of your target media. 
  2. Negotiate a hourly rate that is within your budget. Have some sense how much time the design is expected to take to complete. You should know how much additional hours cost to complete your design, and what happens if you use less time than you paid for.
  3. Define your animation creative requirements. Each animations and target media (i.e. web, flash, CD, 2D or 3D, character, etc.) has unique requirements and need to be designed, executed and optimized differently to be effective.
  4. Take delivery of your animation design documents. Take delivery of your animation design documents. These assures that you have the necessary documents to modify, reuse or integrate the animation in future media design projects.
Our animation design service is designed to bring your creative ideas to life in the least amount of time
Creative, high-impact solutions
We do not try to avoid the creative process, rather, we focus on optimizing the time it takes to create effective animations and visual effects! 
Pay only for what you need!
We don't assume that your animation creative design needs are the same as everybody else. We merely offer the technical expertise to bring your media to life.
We offer a animation design solution to meet every budget, without compromising real value of creative design deliverables. 
Affordable animation design rates.
At $ 50/hr, our animation design rates are very competitive and affordable. We believe in transparent pricing, so you can avoid unpleasant surprise billing. 
Fair billing practices.
If you need more time to complete your animation design, simply pay for the additional time at the same low rate.
If you spend less time than you already paid for, use the remaining time for other services, or request a refund for the balance of the remaining time. Using our Project Management Console, you are always in control of your project and budget.
Our creative design process.
  • We start by providing you with your own personal project manager to work with you and guide you through the media design process.
  • We collect your design requirements and specifications.
  • We provide a comprehensive media advisory on media format, requirements, target markets, competitive analysis, & media development strategies.
  • We develop a storyboard for the animation
  • We develop the animation prototype
  • We implement your animation design; all creative design documents are created in industry standard media design document formats, to assure easy reuse and integration with future projects.
  • We deliver all your animation design documents to you
What is needed to buy this service?
There are no special requirements to purchasing this service.

Affordable creative animation design options for everyone!

At $ 50/hr, our animation design rates are very competitive and affordable. We believe in transparent pricing, so you can avoid unpleasant surprise billing.  Learn more about our animation design service >

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