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Web hosting is more than space on a web server. When it comes to choosing a home for your website, don't waste your money and your time; don't buy web hosting that is not suitable for the website you need to build, and don't buy the cheapest web hosting plan you can find. If you don't know much about websites and website applications software, do consult with a website IT professional and get detail specifications for the kind of web hosting your website would need, before you buy a web hosting plan.
Website hosting is basically a home for your website on the Internet. All websites are hosted on web servers, i.e. the actual computers that are connected to the Internet.
A good way understand this is to compare it to real estate. If you think of the web server as a large apartment complex, and your web hosting as an apartment you are rent for your website.
As such, when you purchase website hosting service, you are committing to pay a fixed monthly fee (rent) for the web server resources (utilities) that your website uses every month. This is the more popular form of web hosting, and it is called Shared Hosting, meaning you share the use of the web server (apartment complex) with other websites (renters).
Just as in real estate, website hosting (homes) comes in other forms. Instead of sharing with others, you may buy opt for a Dedicated hosting, where you are the only one living in the complex, your own private mansion. 
So why would you opt for a Shared hosting vs a Dedicated hosting? Depends on what you want to be able to do in your home. If you own your own mansion, you can pretty much do what you want. Where as, if you are sharing with others, you have to live with some restrictions.
In order for your website to be on the Internet, it needs a home. So website hosting is not optional, you can't do without it.
How much you pay for website hosting depends heavily on the amenities (services) you need, or more precisely said, your website needs. You should not buy website hosting unless you know what your website will need.
Shared hosting prices can range from as low as $ 1.00 per month to as much as $ 99 per month.Realistically, you can expect to spend an average of $ 20.00 per month for shared hosting service.
Dedicated hosting prices can range from as low as $ 50.00 per month  to as high as $ 700 per month.
All hosting services are not created equal. Know what you are paying for!
Most hosting services are non-refundable.
Once you pay for it, and it's not what you want, your only option is to lose your payment, or buy a more expensive upgrade.
Never buy hosting before you know what you your website will need.
Always speak with your website solution provider to get the detailed hosting service requirements for your website, before you buy hosting. 
Avoid buying prepaid hosting services bundled with other products.
These are designed to lock you in to buy more expensive service upgrades.
We offer web hosting service for all of our full-service website solutions.
If you have a question about website hosting, we are happy to help. Please use our Help Desk.

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