Monkey Business Management System is the complete solution to build your business. Launch your Monkey Business, build a website for your business in one hour!


Monkey Business Management System

build Your Business

Simply, everything you need to build your business...

And everything your business needs to succeed!
Build a website for your business in one hour!

Build a website for your business

Blogs, online stores, galleries and much more in one easy to use platform.

Your business need a great website!

Monkey Business makes it super easy for you to create a truly custom design website for your business. 

No ads, no clutter, just you.

Look your professional best with no clutter. Ad-free means your business is always front and center.

Unlimited pages, email, everything.

Whether you need 10 pages or 10,000, create as many as you need to get the job done.

No coding required.

With simple, point and click tools anyone can use, you can build a stunning website for your business in minutes.

No plugins, just awesome apps.

Forget hunting for "plugins" for every task. Our apps are built smart and integrated, waiting right where you need.

Look smart. Be smart.

Craft the exact look you crave, and Monkey Business help you actually do... well, business. From accounts to billing. we've got you covered!

Setup your business website in 95 seconds!

And, you can try it risk-free for 7 days! No credit card required.

Watch & learn how you can setup a business website for your business in 95 seconds!

create your Custom Design in 1 Hour
Yes, you can do it all by yourself.
We know you may find the prospect of designing your website a bit daunting. After all, a great website design is a masterpiece composition of text copy, colors, fonts and images, all carefully chosen and blended to show case your Brand and your messages.
That's why we carefully designed our Style Wizard to be deceptively simple, yet powerfully comprehensive.
We have distilled the process down to six simple steps, so you can easily, and quickly arrive at your masterpiece custom website design for your business.

Our Style Wizard is simply powerful

Launch the Style Wizard to craft the exact look you need for your business in one hour!

Your custom design in 6 easy steps!

1 Layout Template
Choose a layout for your design from our library of professionally designed layouts
2 Your logo
Upload your logo, crop and resize it to perfection.
3 Background
Select background image and color that allow your brand to shine
4 Design colors
Choose background colors for each part of your layout template
5 Custom fonts
Install custom fonts that will make sure your text content pops with crisp clarity
6 Style
Fine tune every detail of anything and everything to your heart's satisfaction.

Watch the custom design demo video

We mean it when we say anyone can do it.
And, an hour is really an overkill. You can do it much faster, in just the first 3 steps!

Watch & learn how you can create a custom design website for your business in minutes!


Publish amazing pages in minutes

You can write what you know best
No one knows your business like you do, and no one can write it like you will. Every word and every punctuation matters deeply to effectively communicate what you are all about.
Problem is you don't know much about HTML coding and frankly you shouldn't have to. You have a business to run after all, you don't have much time to spend learning alien "techno" babble.
And we agree. Our PageBuilder app is a powerful drag and drop editor, infused with all the tools you need to get the job done, get it done extremely well and get it done fast! 

Design professional grade content

Fast 1 click publishing
Create brand new webpages fast, with a single click!
Intuitive workflow
Updating your webpages is as easy as selecting "Update this page" 
Content Templates 
Speed up your publishing 1000% using prebuilt content templates. You can even create your own!
Fast prototyping
Use our built-in Lorem Ipsum text generator speed up your prototyping workflow.
Full screen editing
You will feel right at home in our clean, minimal but very familiar editor.
Pixel perfect styling
The power to design the exact look you want to the tee!
Text editing
Not much to this; just click where you want and start typing.
Rich multimedia
Embedding rich multimedia is an easy Right-click > Publish to add pictures, music, videos ...

Watch the page publishing demo video

We mean it when we say anyone can do it.

Watch & learn how you can create all the pages you need, and publish amazing content for your for your business in minutes!


design pixel perfect content

You have the power to make your content look just the way you want
Truth be told, anyone can put stuff on a page, that's the easy part. Making that stuff look like gold, that's the interesting part.
Our PageBuilder app's built-in Style Wizard gives you the professional styling tools reserved for Pros! 
Using it, you can easily and quickly change/set colors, background images, dimensions, paddings, margins, rounded corners and much more. 
Style Wizard your business content to perfection
Target anything
Select any content on your page for styling.
Style presets speed up your workflow another 1000% 
Apply site-wide brand styles to achieve uniform look all the time.
Colors / Background
Easily change text color, background color and image.
Paddings / Margins
Confront the devil in the details for pixel perfect presentations. 
Rounded corners
Easily create rounded corners for any content. 
Apply gradients to your designs for a smoother, natural feel.
Easily change the width / height of any content.
Control-freaks rejoice, be the style master with custom settings,  

Optimize your content like a pro

Search engine friendly content as easy as 1-2-3.
Making sure your business website content is search engine friendly is important, as it assures that search engines will include your webpages in the list of results shown to folks searching for content you have on your website.
Proper content optimization only guaranttee inclusion in search results, not making your website #1 on the list; yet doing it well is critically important in any strategy to get to the top of the list.
Monkey Business provides smart optimization wherever appropriate, and you can override all SEO information ( titles, descriptions, keywords, page addresses ) for complete optimization. 

No SEO voodoo, just 3 simple steps!

1 Provide complete SEO Information
You start by providing the basic SEO information search engines need to properly optimize your content, including Titles, Descriptions and Keywords.
2 Run SEO Analysis Report
When your webpage content is ready, run the SEO Analysis Report to see how search engines analyze your content's keywords usage and density.
3 Adjust your content
Use the information in your SEO Analysis Report to adjust your content's use of keywords you care about and be optimized! 

And, Monkey Business does the rest!

Smart optimization
Monkey Business automatically creates default values for missing SEO information!
XML Sitemaps
Daily build of the XML sitemaps for the website that search engines need to properly find and index all your webpages. 
Sitemap submissions 
Daily submission of your XML sitemaps to all the major search engines to speed up website content indexing.
Smart builds
Because optimizing for the wrong things can cost you, Monkey Business only includes optimized content in sitemaps.
SEO Analysis Report
Run the SEO Analysis Report on any webpage to get the information you need to properly optimize your webpages.

no magic to seo

Providing basic SEO information is half the battle
And we make sure you can do just that.
You simply provide Titles, Descriptions, Target Keywords for your webpages, run the SEO Analysis Report and use it to adjust your content to achieve the desired optimization.

Providing it is easier than ever!

Always provide a clear and concise title for your webpage!
Always provide a compact, human friendly description of the content of your webpage!
Specify the keywords and keyword phrases that your webpage content must be optimized.
Embedded descriptions
Provide a description for embedded content on the page such as pictures, videos and so on.
Webpage addresses
Monkey Business automatically create seo-friendly addresses for every webpage and content.  
Smart Optimizer
Monkey Business intelligently supply missing SEO information you do not provide.

Optimization is all about balance

Use the SEO Analysis Report to find the balance for your business content
Run the SEO Analysis Report on your webpages and use it to adjust your content to achieve the desired optimization.

Run the SEO Analysis Report, and ...

Adjust your keywords into the green!

Unlimited email for your business!

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Build a website for your business in 1 hour!
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Publish professional grade content, fast!
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Unlimited email and email marketing
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Blogging and social media marketing
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Open Your Online Store Today!
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Publish Professional Forms Easily!
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Create Business surveys in minutes
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Poll Your Customers, fast and easy!
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Publish FAQs for your Business!
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Your business Helpdesk / CRM, Integrated!
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Business forums / discussion boards, included!
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Accounts, registrations, subscriptions
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Secure access to your business information
Unlimited email for your business!

unlimited email for your business is sexy and smart.

Your Brand. Your Business. Your Email.

Putting the power of your own email to work for you is not only sexy, it's smart, efficient and cost-free brand marketing.

Unlimited email accounts for business.

Whether you need 10 mailboxes or 10,000, create as many as you need to get the job done.

Email for everyone & everything in your business.

Every employee, team, department, project, everyone. Put the full power of business email to work for you.

More than email mailboxes.

All email resources types including mailboxes, forwards, mailing lists, and robots, so you can craft the exact communications workflow you need for you business.

Reliable Spam & Virus Controls.

Your business email is protected with the highest industry standards!

Access your email anyway you want.

Easy Webmail access on Desktop & PCs. Full SMTP / POP / IMAP access for mobile devices and other mail clients

Watch the email demo video!

Put unlimited email to work for your business.

Watch & learn how you can create email accounts for everyone and everything in your business!

A modern webmail for your business!

A modern webmail for your business

Fast, responsive and intuitive email access for your business users.

Complete webmail client.

Get to work in a robust webmail client with all the bells and whistles you expect from a modern email app.

Zero ads, Clutter free email.

Eliminate all distractions so you and your team can get to, and stay focused on work.

Secure & private email.

No prying eyes, even digital ones, means all your business communications remain private and secure.

Email contacts management.

Organize all your email contacts for easy and powerful email messaging.

Once click email access.

Tightly integrated one-click access from your website!

Drag & drop email attachments. 

Drag-n-drop of attachments from and into webmail.
Unlimited email for your business!

A modern webmail for your business


Watch the webmail demo video!

Secure global access to your business email

Watch & learn how to get a productive and secure business email access!

Email Marketing
Unlimited email for your business!

email marketing for your business

Leverage constant email marketing for your business.

Email marketing = more business.

Email marketing is the easiest way to grow your existing business.

Unlimited email marketing.

How large is your mailing list? 1,000 email contacts, 100,000? No limits. No problem.

Design amazing email messages.

Design professional email messages in minutes with customizable templates & drag-and-drop editing.

Reach customers where they are.

Everyone reads email, deliver your most important messages where it matters.

Reliable unsubscribe process.

Avoid costly negative backlash, give your customers an opt-out process that works!

Schedule email messages.

Automate your marketing campaigns! Design your messages now, schedule automatic future deliveries! 

Watch the email marketing demo video!

Promote your business with email marketing

Watch & learn how you can use email marketing to get your business messages delivered to the people that matters!

Monkey Business is built for Business. One Platform with unlimited features for one low price!

Watch & Learn!

With Monkey Business, anyone can do this!
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Setup Domain Name
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Create a Custom Website Design
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Publish Amazing Webpages

Monkey Business powers hundreds of small businesses...

With over 10 years of proven technology, hosting and expert support! 

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